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It’s easy to make a deposit, wager, and cash out using your preferred cryptocurrency, since we offer a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and exchanges. Use the lightning network for super-fast money transfers.

Get a Free Online Registration Review Review. Betplay casino is a relatively new online casino established in mid-2020 in Costa Rica. It offers a plethora of casino games developed by leading game providers such as August Gaming, Push Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Blueprint Gaming, Hacksaw Gaming, Nucleus Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Kalamba Games, Realtime Gaming, Thunderkick, Elk Studios, Red Tiger Gaming, etc. The best software providers ensure that every player at casino enjoys their gaming experience with enhanced live games, including jackpot games, table games, baccarat, blackjack, and hundreds of others. However, read our review in detail and learn about the casino.


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3-102-857685 is the company identification number for Costa Rica.

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Betplay Casino review

  • is a Casino brand that has only been around for a short while. The
  • Nothing about the website’s presentation makes me think it was created yesterday.
  • gaming on the internet.’s first-time users are greeted by an animated
  • homepage that is simple and uncluttered, and doesn’t try to conceal the casino’s
  • attributes that stand out as positives; these are strengths. There isn’t a plethora of eye-popping animations, nor is there
  • flood of meaningless information. Less is more in this case. This is because, ever since the inception of
  • digital currency, there has been a meteoric growth in the quantity of new online gambling establishments.
  • up. The only way to know for sure what kind of casino this is until you go in and take a closer look is if
  • whether or not it has your stamp of approval. Thankfully, this is where Slots Academy shines.
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The First Look

Tell the us about your gambling experience with

Betplay Casino Bonus Offers for new players 2023 Important details

While not having a license can help protect one’s anonymity, it also has the downside of making it more difficult to legally operate a business.


  • A user’s only requirements to sign up for an account are an email address and a password.
  • We recommend expanding the current casino offerings by adding live dealer choices.
  • To process withdrawals swiftly, it uses the Bitcoin Lightning Network, a feature it is quite proud of.
  • Network that actively seeks to provide gamers with the most rewarding return to player (RTP) alternatives possible.
  • There is a short FAQ area on their site where you may get answers to common questions.
  • The chat window located in the screen’s lower right corner is the quickest and easiest way to
  • Talk to the support team.


You may rest certain that BetPlay is a legitimate online gambling establishment. Games exclusively with a gambling theme are provided. Each one has a

  • game developers and a search bar to help you zero down on the one you’re looking for
  • video game you’re looking to buy without any hassle. Some of you may already have a favorite game.
  • provider; in which case, you may utilize the filtering functionality to display just games developed by that provider.
  • Gambling at Slot Machines and Table Games
  • You can choose to play video slot machines or traditional table games at the casino.
  • The selection of games and the companies that make them are extensive.
  • extensive. The vast majority of the slot machines at this casino are older favorites like “Starburst.”
  • Roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, along with other classic casino games, may all be found in the
  • The website’s “Table Games” section. You can choose from a large pool of options in each of these games.
  • alternatives to pick from. The games might have distinct rules or be played for various reasons.
  • created by a number of manufacturers, so you may pick the one with the features you need
  • feel or seem like to you.
  • The Genuine Article: A Live-Action Gambling Experience
  • Just like the great majority of modern online casinos, BetPlay has a live casino option for its customers. Here, you go again
  • commonly played table games like blackjack and roulette are all available here. Due to
  • given the sheer number of suppliers they partner with, you might be able to get your hands on just about everything you need.
  • finding what you’re looking for on our website. I can’t think of a better example than the live dealer games that are available in several languages. That’s because of this, where

in any way, shape, or form.

Aviator (crash) (crash)

Crash games are a relatively new subgenre of online casino games.

catalog. This feature is known as the “Aviator” on You must comply with the following conditions in order to participate in the game:

have to put up money on a bet that you pick. Gradually, a multiplier will rise until it

has reached its peak and will soon begin to decline for reasons that are not yet clear. Your

aim is to avoid this situation by initiating a cashout as soon as feasible in

as a means of declaring victory. strongly engaging and bursting with constant action. This isn’t an attempt for

lackadaisical people; cowards

On-the-go gambling establishment

If you don’t want to download the app, you may play BetPlay right on your mobile browser.

recommended. Users can do whatever they do on the company’s main website with this app.

However, it does it in a manner optimized for their particular gadget.

Optional Bonuses

BetPlay’s welcome bonus matches the standard in the gambling industry, doubling your first deposit.

bonus that matches your initial deposit by up to 100% and has a 35x playthrough requirement. As an illustration, if you

If you deposit 10 mBTC and spend a total of$350, you will receive a 10 mBTC bonus.

online gambling using microbitcoins also provides its users with rakeback and cashback bonuses.

“Rakeback” is a common occurrence. Depending on how actively you participate in the community, you will receive a daily prize.

wagering on games in a casino. Consistent with expectations, the quantity returned is directly related to the sum.

stakes played by the player. Credits will be added to your account on a daily basis.

using a method that yields results right away.

10% weekly cash rebate Each week on Fridays, we at BitPlay try to lighten up a little more than we normally would.

During the other days of the week. Your account will get an automated refund

in proportion to 10% of last week’s declines. There are no worries on our end regarding

some of this supposedly “free” cash.

You must be at least a Bronze member to get Rakeback and cashback perks.

VIP treatment is what this program is all about. There are a number of variables at play, including the stakes, the nature of the game, and the

It all depends on the player’s VIP status. You may check your current progress by using the

go to the profile menu and picking “VIP Level.”


The bitcoin community will feel at home at’s gambling site. Many different types of deposit options are available from this company.

possibilities for making withdrawals to their customers. Coins like Bitcoin, Tether, Litecoin, and Dogecoin are just a few of the many alternatives to traditional currency.

virtual currency systems like this.

The corporation has shortened the banking procedures related with playing on BitPlay’s

use this website to its fullest extent. They have installed the to ensure that this is the case.

“Bitcoin Lightning,” a feature that may be utilized for both deposits and withdrawals. To define the phrase

The name of the service gives the impression that customers may complete transactions quickly, usually in a few seconds. Deposits not only serve as a

withdrawals can also be quickly dealt with. They brag that they’re the only casino around that provides this service.

currently available on the market Along with the imminent conclusion of

transaction fees while using Lightning amount to almost nothing. See whether your

check the “Bitcoin Lightning” compatibility of your bitcoin wallet. If you so choose

Bitplay has been experimenting with Lightning “For Android users, there’s “Blue Wallet,” while “Wallet of

Satoshi “iPhone users only.

You may also scan a QR code provided by the casino or send Bitcoin directly to the casino’s Bitcoin address.

has done in order to make a regular Bitcoin deposit.

As an additional payment option, Bitcoin may be sent directly to the casino’s

You may either enter your Bitcoin address or use a QR code that the casino has created to perform a more conventional Bitcoin transaction.


To make a Litecoin deposit, follow the same steps as for Bitcoin deposits but instead of selecting BTC as the deposit currency, use mLTC.

Send the required amount in the indicated currency to the provided address.

You may also make a deposit with a credit card or an online bank transfer.

Simply follow the on-screen prompts after clicking the “Buy Micro-Bitcoin” button. does not have a minimum deposit or withdrawal requirement.


The website makes no mention of’s youth, but I’m willing to bet that this is a relatively new venture. It

is very evident that whomever is in charge of the casino’s operations is reaping huge

trying to quickly rise through the ranks of online casinos. The number of gambling establishments that

roll out on such a solid foundation with careful planning. When it comes to casino betting,

An enormous library of games is at your disposal. giving the gamer access to

possibility of doing swift bilateral transactions, arguably one of the most

essential elements for the gamer to have. Online, the casino’s design looks nice and organized.

the mobile version is attractive and functional, and there is even an app for it. When it comes to gambling, some people, in

Anonymous gamblers may be more drawn to establishments that lack the requisite licensing.


Getting back to the original topic of whether or not this casino needs a license: Answering yes to this question

suffice for the time being, and it looks like’s future is going to be just as bright as the future of

digital currency as a whole To the Moon and back, and beyond!


Is there a way to on a mobile device?

The casino is accessible via mobile web browsers and app downloads.

its app.

The term “Bitcoin Lightning” seems confusing; please explain.

Lightning Network, or Lightning, is a relatively new development for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry. This

With the use of technology, customers should be able to make deposits and withdrawals with lightning speed.

Reduced nearly-to-nothing transaction costs.

Is it possible to wager on sports

No. No. There are just casino games (slots, tables, live dealers, etc.) available at this establishment.

bingo, baccarat, and crapshoot.


Welcome Bonus at Betplay 100% bonus on your first deposit. When the wagering criteria are satisfied, the bonus is given. Once the bonus has been given, you may withdraw it whenever you choose, without any restrictions!

Receive a 100% bonus up to 50,000 microbitcoins, 10,000 millilitecoins, 3,000 dogecoins, 200 milliethereum, or 10 Solana on your first deposit.

Making a deposit only allows the deposit bonus to be used once.

Once you deposit money, you’ll get a bonus offer. You have seven days to claim the bonus and thirty days to use it.

You must bet 35 times the amount of your entire deposit in order to exhaust your deposit bonus.

1,000 microbitcoins, 500 millilitecoins, 20 dogecoins, 10 miliethereum, and 0.04 are the maximum bets that may be made to get the bonus. Solana

The wager amount applied will be restricted at the maximum bet amount if you surpass the maximum bet.

The bonus will not be canceled by any subsequent deposits or withdrawals.

The bonus is not valid for live dealer, table games, or the occasional odd game. The bonus offer will give a complete list of the games that are included.

Example: If you deposit 10,000, you will get a bonus of 10,000 if you have placed 350,000 total eligible bets.

Cashback and rakeback

Along with any additional benefits, Betplay also provides a return on your bet:

Daily Rakeback is the practice of returning a part of daily wagers. You will win more money the more you gamble. Every day, the Daily Rakeback will be instantly credited to your balance.

10% Weekly Cashback, 10% of any losses will be refunded each week. Every Thursday about 1 PM UTC, an automatic payment of the Weekly Cashback is made. On the Bronze I level of VIP, cashback is enabled.

To activate rakeback and cashback, you must have attained VIP Level Bronze I, at the very least. The percentage paid out rises as one moves up the VIP Levels.

The percentages given out depend on a variety of input factors, including the quantity of the bet, the kind of game, the VIP level, etc.

VIP Tiers

You will move up to the next VIP Level by placing bets. In addition to providing benefits like free spins and cash drops, VIP levels also raise the value of the rakeback and cashback.

In the profile menu, choose “VIP Level” to see your VIP Level, advancement, and rewards each level.

Is it safe to play at Casino? is a reputable and trustworthy online bitcoin casino that has licenses from both the Curacao Gambling Commission and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Is Casino licensed to operate?

Both the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Curacao Gambling Commission have given Betplay a license to run a gambling site.

How can I make a Bitcoin deposit using the Lightning Network?

You need to put a Bitcoin wallet on your PC that works with Bitcoin Lightning.
We picked the Wallet of Satoshi because of its user-friendliness and compatibility with all Bitcoin wallets that support Lightning. Any Bitcoin wallet that supports Lightning, however, will function. After installing the application, you will be able to transfer funds into the wallet via a perfectly normal transaction on the blockchain. When that period has elapsed, you will be able to make deposits and withdrawals with Lightning on!

Is there a fee for using the withdrawal service? does not charge any fees in connection with withdrawals. However, there are charges involved with using the blockchain for each transaction. The amount that must be paid in transaction fees is influenced by both the price of cryptocurrencies and the number of transactions that may be occurring on the blockchain at any given time.
The Bitcoin on-chain transaction fee may be found at the bottom of the page that requests the amount to be removed from the withdrawal dialog. You will also observe that there is a priority choice. Low will result in the slowest withdrawal time but will incur the lowest transaction charge. Medium will be quicker than Low but slower than High.Selecting High will result in the quickest withdrawal fee but the largest transaction charge.
We recommend using either the Lightning Network or the Liquid Network for Bitcoin transactions if you wish to avoid the related transaction fees. To get started, you only need to download a wallet and then add funds to it.

Are there no-deposit bonuses available?

Currently, we do not provide any promotions that do not require a deposit; thus, in order to take advantage of our deals, you must make a deposit.

Why can’t I browse the entire selection of casino games after logging in?

If certain games remain hidden after you have logged in, it may be because you are located in a region that does not support such games.

Some game providers don’t let people in some places use their services, so those places don’t have access to those games.
We suggest that you use a virtual private network (VPN) that is linked to your home country if you can’t watch the games you usually watch while on vacation in a different country.

Why am I unable to access all of the games when I switch cryptocurrencies?

Due to the fact that not all games are compatible with all currencies, the available games may vary when switching between currencies.

Is Casino Accepting US Players?

Since gambling is outlawed in the United States, cannot legally operate there. As a result, this platform is unavailable to United States citizens.

How Long Does Take to Payout?

According to the casino review, the payment time for the platform is really close to five seconds. This is because the program accepts only bitcoin deposits. The processing of deposits and withdrawals is practically instantaneous.

Is a mobile app for available?

Yes, people from all around the world may download a mobile application for iOS devices. They can get the program and put it on their computer so they can play their favorite casino games.

Should new players participate in the casino?

Beginners may play a range of games on this platform after making the needed minimum deposit or the initial payment. They need only sign up for a Betplay account to begin playing some of the site’s most popular casino games.

Does Casino provide no-deposit bonuses?

Currently, the site does not provide any sort of incentive that does not require a deposit. On the other hand, they may select from the best bonus offers that has to offer by visiting the official website’s promotional page.

Which digital currencies are allowed at the online casino? now only accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin payments. It leaves the door open for more in the future, although there is currently no confirmation of this.

How many types of slot machines does offer?

There is no information regarding the overall number of slots, but given the vast number of providers, this number must be well above 1,000.

Is it possible to download a mobile app for the casino?

No, there is currently no app available. The mobile-friendly version of the website, on the other hand, is excellent and can be accessed from both iOS and Android smartphones.

Is it risky to gamble at a BetPlay casino?

The fact that Betplay is a bitcoin gaming platform makes it one of the most respectable and reliable online casinos. The casino possesses the relevant gambling licenses and uses SSL encryption software to safeguard its clients’ personal information. The operator also encourages players to gamble responsibly by giving them the tools they need to do so on the site.

Can I qualify for any of the VIP perks offered by BetPlay Casino to its most loyal customers and highest wagering players?

Participating in real-money wagering games on the gaming website will allow you to rise through the VIP levels. This will give you access to special perks like a personal account manager, free spins, Bitcoin rewards, bigger bonuses, and more.

How long does it take BetPlay to pay out?

Cashing out your winnings at the casino is almost instantaneous.Within 0 to 24 hours, they will implement withdrawal requests for bitcoin winnings. However, it may take between three and five working days to transfer payments using a credit card or bank account.

Does have a legitimate license to run a casino?

Sadly, no. lacks a legitimate gaming license at this time.

Which digital currencies may I use to wager on

The following digital assets are available for selection: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Monero, Tron, Binance Coin, Dogecoin, Binance USD, Ripple, and USDC are the cryptocurrencies supported by Binance.

Are the bonuses and promotions offered by fair? offers rewards that may be claimed, and while they are acceptable and fair, there are not many to pick from.

Does accept wagers on sporting events?

Nope. values casino gaming more than sports betting as its core business. Review Details

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