FortuneJack Review

FortuneJack Review

When it comes to online gambling that accepts cryptocurrencies, FortuneJack is among the most well-liked options. Casino was founded in 2011, making them early adopters though not necessarily industry leaders. Excellent feedback can be found all over the internet, with customers praising the casino's reliability, safety, variety of games, and large bonuses. It's easy to make a deposit, wager, and cash out using your preferred cryptocurrency, since we offer a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and exchanges. Use the lightning network for super-fast money transfers.

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FortuneJack is a popular bitcoin casino. Casino was founded in 2011, although they’re already considered veterans. Great evaluations over the web emphasize the casino’s excellent quality, online security technologies, gaming capabilities, and greatest bonuses. With a vast range of supported cryptocurrencies to pick from, we offer something for everyone. Lightning network offers quick deposits and withdrawals.

FortuneJack Review

⭐ Rating:4.9★★★★★

FortuneJack is perhaps one of the world’s most beloved cryptocurrency-focused casinos. Casino was established in 2011 and were pioneers in their field, but nowadays it is more appropriate to refer to them as veterans. With great reviews all across the web, highlighting the casino’s high quality, online security tools, games capabilities, and biggest bonuses – it’s certainly a product worth your attention.

You may refer to FortuneJack as seasoned innovators if you like. It is clear that they had a strategy before they began operations in 2014, when cryptocurrency was still in its existence and mostly unexplored. Or perhaps they had a conversation with a psychic who foretold what would transpire in the future. When it came to finding out how to integrate regular casino games with crypto gambling, they were light years ahead of their time. This is true no matter which way you look at it.

The crew is eager, and they have a specific aim in mind, which is to become the most popular and successful crypto casino available. This might be one of the riskiest mixes when it comes to the development of new ideas and technologies. Now, after a few years, the fact that they were the first as well as the fact that they have been in business for a long time has provided them with the most expertise as well as understanding regarding how to integrate cryptocurrencies and casinos.

But let’s dig a little bit deeper with this FortuneJack review.

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The First look

When a player visits the website of FortuneJack Casino for the first time, the first thing they see is the tagline “Oldest bitcoin casino,” which serves in many ways as an encouragement to the player. Dealing with an online casino that has been around for a while and has had plenty of time to hone its games and customer service is a reassuring experience in the current landscape of online gambling, where the great majority of sites have been established in the past few years alone. Another casino that made its debut in the field of crypto gambling in the same year (2014) as Fortunejack.

Their design is straightforward and simple to navigate. The vast majority of the essential features, including game categories, login, registration, and assistance, are immediately apparent upon initial inspection. The website has a dark tone, which is something that contributes to most applications and websites of today being more trendy and easier on the eyes to read. At least, that’s how we feel about it. There is not an excessive quantity of information or flashy animations, with the exception of a window that displays advertisements of the casino’s current promotions and bonuses that may be claimed. Other than this window, there is not a lot of information or flashy animations.

When you navigate around the homepage of FortuneJack, you will notice that there are brief, one-row listings of games located just below each of the available categories. Casino games, live casino games, sports betting, dice games, and provably fair casinos are among the most popular types. In the final of these, you will be given access to games that are guaranteed to be fair, and the casino will be able to provide evidence of this by using mathematical calculations and backtracking logs.

They hold a gaming license that demonstrates their legitimacy in the gaming industry and are licensed in Curacao. On top of having a very strong name in the industry, FortuneJack also has this license, which is one of the important aspects of security that we discover with the company. Obtaining gaming licenses is one of the requirements for a casino to be deemed a reputable business. It ensures that the casino abides by the regulations and laws of gaming that have been established by the jurisdiction that issued the license. The fact that FortuneJack has operated under the same license for the past eight years gives us reason to believe that the establishment’s gaming policies are honest and adhere to industry standards.

Sometimes, more may be gained by having less things, and that’s absolutely the case here. You can tell that a lot of effort went into the layout because there is no element that seems to have been put by accident, and the interface has a “breathy” feel to it. You may quickly receive an evaluation of what cryptocurrencies are accepted on the site by scrolling down to the bottom of the page, where you will also find a brief general introduction to the site and a list of the game providers that are utilized by the casino. One of the casinos that we’ve reviewed here at that has one of the more streamlined designs that we’ve seen.

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Registration at FortuneJack

It would appear that registering for an account on FortuneJack is a basic affair. Creating an account requires providing only a little amount of information at this time. You will be required to input the following details:

  • username, 
  • email address
  • your password

At this point in the process, you are presented with the opportunity to enter a bonus code, if you happen to have one. Before you are able to conclude the process of establishing an account, you will be required to accept their terms and conditions. When you click the “Sign Up” button, this is taken care of for you automatically.

You will need to click on a verification link that is delivered to the email address that you have entered before you are able to wager in the casino of FortuneJack. This link will be emailed to the email address that you have entered. If it hasn’t shown up in your normal inbox after a minute or two, check the spam folder to see if it was sent there.

Due to the fact that FortuneJack holds a gaming license, the company is occasionally required to do KYC checks, often known as “know your customer” checks, on their new clients when they make deposits or withdrawals. These checks will be completed promptly, but you will be required to supply documentation that can verify your identity. In many cases, a single document is all that is required. The following are some examples of papers that someone may ask you to provide:

  • photograph taken for identification (Drivers license or passport)
  • Proof of your address in the form of official documents (Electrical bills, bank statements)

You have successfully completed the task when you have done so once. You should now be able to make deposits and withdrawals without any restrictions, and you won’t have to perform this process again at any point in the future. It is a positive thing that eventually demonstrates how serious the casino in question is and should be thought to be a hassle by certain players who wish to remain anonymous. However, it should be considered a hassle by other players. Consider the fact that major online casinos like Fortunejack, Bitstarz, Stake, and Bitcasino go through this procedure as evidence of their expertise. These casinos want their consumers to feel comfortable playing online.

Casino Games at FortuneJack

In this part of FortuneJack, we’ve discovered around 1300 different game titles, which are divided evenly between slots and table games. Slot machines make up the overwhelming majority of the games here. These games are provided in the form of a scrollable list, each of which displays many titles at the same time. Even if there are a lot of games available, the brain does not get the impression that it is being overloaded when going through them. According to what was stated before, FortuneJack has most likely experimented with all of the game providers that manufacture slots over the course of the years in order to determine which ones they enjoy the most. Or, to be more precise, the ones that players like the most when they are playing. If we go through the list of game providers that are being used, you can anticipate seeing at least three thousand different games here. Once more, the emphasis appears to be placed on quality rather than quantity. The total number of games to which you have access may vary slightly according to the location in the world from which you are using the service. When it comes to online casinos, it is normal for there to be geo-restrictions because there are rules that need to be observed.

You can see which game provider manufactured each slot machine by looking underneath the game’s name. Because of this, the player will have a simpler time selecting games according to their preferences based on what they have played in the past. If you find a game from a certain provider that you love playing, there is a good possibility that you will enjoy playing further games from that brand. You have the option of filtering the list so that it only displays games originating from a specific provider or providers, or you can simply use the search tool if you have a specific slot in mind. Book of Dead, Gonzo’s Quest, and Starburst are just a few of the well-known video slots that can be played at this establishment. In addition, you have the option to filter the list in order to see just newly added games, games that are currently offering the largest jackpots, or games that have bonus wagering added. The extra rounds may be purchased for a certain amount, which allows some players to access them immediately. In such scenario, you may filter the list so that it only displays the games that come equipped with this functionality.

Without providing table games, FortuneJack cannot be considered a full-service cryptocurrency casino in the same vein as its competitors. We have discovered that they provide the most well-liked games that are often found in this particular subcategory. There are lots of opportunities to play blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. The same high-quality 3D visuals and animations may be found in these games because they are frequently developed by the same vendors that create slot machines. You have the choice of playing several distinct variations of blackjack, each of which may have somewhat different rule sets or language options. Alternately, you might try your hand at one of the several poker or roulette tables that are offered. When you are looking for a certain game, the search tool will be your best friend here, since the game’s UI is simple and straightforward to use.

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Live Casino at FortuneJack

Perhaps the most entertaining aspect available at online casinos. More than 50 different types of live casino games may be played at FortuneJack. These games are modeled after the experience that players have in a real-life casino, both in terms of the variety of games offered and the overall atmosphere. For instance, we provide access to all of the most popular casino games, including as Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Craps. Live dealers will take the action and act in a manner that is comparable to how a live dealer would act in a casino, which significantly improves the whole experience of participating in online gambling. If you don’t like the dealer of the game or the seat you’re sitting in, you may easily switch games or seats until you find the right one for you. Although this form of gaming is unquestionably more slow-paced than others, some players could think that it enhances the whole experience. Games that are similar to game shows are something that have just just started to become more prevalent in this area. A few examples of these brand-new games are Monopoly, Lightning Dice, and Deal or No Deal. Evolution Gaming is the game provider that is frequently the most represented in this category. There is no need to introduce them because I’m sure that everyone is familiar with them already. In the event that you haven’t heard of them, they are the pioneers that made live casinos what they are today and continue to dominate the industry.

Sportsbook at FortuneJack

In 2019, FortuneJack expanded its already extensive selection of casino games to include sports betting. Sports enthusiasts may bet on their favorite teams in a broad variety of sports at FortuneJack, as the casino features an enticing choice of sports betting options, allowing customers to wager on 26 different sports and a plethora of contests within each sport.

Live betting is available on FortuneJack, and the odds for active events are updated in real time to reflect the current situation. With the Cashout option, bettors may lock in their profits at the odds displayed at the moment of the cash-out if they desire to terminate a wager before a match or event has concluded. Customers are given full control over their betting strategy thanks to a number of tools and services, like Auto Cashout and Replace, among others. Check out FortuneJack’s Sports betting page for a rundown of all the site’s sports betting offerings.

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Costumer Support and Security at FortuneJack

When it comes to being regarded a secure and dependable casino for the player, having well-established customer support is one of the most significant factors to consider. Through their live chat feature, FortuneJack provides service around the clock. If you want to start a conversation with another user, all you have to do is click the yellow button in the lower right corner of your screen and then put in a question you have. You should get a response to your question very soon.

You also have the option, at FortuneJack Casino, to write them an email if you prefer a more conventional mode of communication. You may anticipate a speedy response from the customer care team because they are available around the clock. You may get in touch with us by e-mail at if you’d rather not utilize the live chat for whatever reason.

There is only support provided in the English language. In light of the fact that gamblers from a variety of nations frequent their casino, this is undoubtedly an area in which they should investigate the possibility of growing. The player should always look through the Frequently Asked Questions area of the casino before calling customer care. Because it has been operating for more than 8 years, the casino has probably encountered your inquiry in the past. After reading through the full FAQ, we can confidently state that it contains a lot of information. There is a good chance that the response to your query may be found here.

The fact that FortuneJack possesses a number of positive qualities makes it an excellent destination for gamblers. They have been in possession of a gaming license issued by Curacao for more than 8 years at this point. In addition, their extensive history in the industry as well as excellent player reputation are also arguments in their favor. Because of all of these factors, we consider them to be among the most secure gambling websites available.

Adding a two-factor authentication can provide an additional layer of protection for your account, which you can activate if you so want. When you log in to your account or make a transaction using this method, you will be required to provide not one but two passwords. Even if someone managed to obtain possession of your first password, it would still be difficult for them to access both of your passwords. The following are some examples of 2FA password channels:

  • Text message
  • Google authenticator
  • Email

📢 Visit FortuneJack website wants to say a word or two:

With over two thousand different games to choose from and the finest overall gaming experience, FortuneJack Casino is widely regarded as one of the BTC gambling industry’s pioneers. Since its founding in 2014, FortuneJack has developed into a bitcoin casino that also supports banking methods that involve many other cryptos. In addition, FortuneJack Casino is one of the extremely limited number of online casinos that offers assistance for trading binary options.

In this review of FortuneJack, we will go over the most important aspects of this online casino, including its pros and cons, the bonuses it provides, and more. The FortuneJack website, in comparison to other sites, has an appealing user interface that is compatible with mobile devices and desktop computers, and it has a variety of options-based games tab that provides the best user experience. Additionally, the transactions here are quick and entirely secure in order to protect your banking details, as the site makes use of SSL encryption technology, which is what makes fortunejack a safe and secure crypto casino.

It was brought to our attention that FortuneJack Casino offers help through live chat around the clock. We also determined that Fortune Jack provides the most recent promotions, free spins with no deposit required, welcome bonuses, free 25 spins, and further free spins or deposit bonuses such as the Bonus of reload presented weekly and Cashback on a monthly basis for all players.

Fortunejack FAQ section:

Is FortuneJack safe to play?

Among the many Bitcoin gambling sites, FortuneJack stands out as a legitimate gambling destination. The Curacao government licensing authority issued license number 8048/ jaz2016-026 to the FortuneJack crypto casino in the year 2016, and the casino is operating legally thanks to this license. In addition, FortuneJack was developed by specialists in the world of crypto casinos who have a combined total of over 20 years of experience working in the casino industry. This experience includes work in traditional brick-and-mortar casinos as well as the online casino sector.

Are there any restricted countries at FortuneJack?

The game’s software creators choose which countries and regions are restricted and which are disallowed. For instance, Pragmatic Play games receive users from regions that are not permitted, such as the United States of America, France, Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan, amongst other regions.

What is the lowest amount that must be deposited in order to qualify for a bonus at FortuneJack?

When making a deposit at the FortuneJack Casino, a minimum amount of 0.002 Bitcoin (or its equivalent in another crypto) is necessary in order to be eligible for any bonus money or deposit free spins.

What Kind of Deposit Bonuses Does the FortuneJack Casino Offer?

Players are eligible for a no-deposit bonus of 25 free spins upon registration, in addition to the deposit bonuses they earn for the first four times they make a deposit. In addition to this, players may be required to make further deposits before they are eligible for cashback bonuses, reload bonuses, or both.

Is FortuneJack worth it?

FortuneJack is an excellent Crypto Casino that flawlessly combines speed, function, and user friendly interface. It boasts an independent audit, users are feeling safe, and offers great bonuses. It’s good not only for playing casino with crypto currency, but also for betting at live sporting events.

You are getting a great deal of value in terms of Casino functionality.We wholeheartedly recommend this Crypto Casino. No matter what activities you are looking for, you can be sure thatFortuneJack will deliver.

📢 Earn with FortuneJack 


Am I allowed to change my username?

After you sign up for an account with us, your username is saved in our database and can never be changed.

Can ETH be exchanged for Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency?

Our website does not accept any type of trading.

Can Fortune Jack be used to acquire cryptocurrencies?

No, but it won’t be difficult to locate elsewhere! Both and have our highest recommendation.

Why is my account’s balance showing in USD when it contains ETH?

The majority of games provided by service providers convert all available currencies to U.S. dollars. This means that bets are placed in U.S. dollars and winnings are converted back to the currency that was used to fund your account.

What is the meaning of “mBTC”?

One millibitcoin (mBTC) is equivalent to 0.001 bitcoin. Millibitcoin is another name for this fraction of a bitcoin.

My transaction was not immediately finalized. What action am I to take?

Your transaction is now going through a normal security check, and as soon as it’s done, the FortuneJack security team will let you know.

I have not yet been sent my award money. What action am I to take?

Contact FortuneJack’s Customer Service and provide them with the information, including the game’s name, transaction ID, round ID, and problem description. We will manage everything thereafter!

What is the most efficient way for me to contact the marketing department, social media managers, etc.?

You can send your request or suggestion to, and it will be sent to the right place.

How can I log in to have access to my affiliate account?

Please review our list of frequently asked questions regarding affiliates. In addition, if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our affiliate manager at

How much do I have to put in my Financial Justice account before I can do so?

There are no restrictions on how much can be placed. You may send whatever amount you like. To be eligible for a bonus, you must activate it under the MY ACCOUNT –> BONUSES section and make a minimum deposit of 0.002 bitcoin (or its equivalent in other currencies). For further information, please visit the following website: Checking the game(s) you want to play, checking the minimum amount of the bets, and deciding whether or not you want a bonus are all things you should do, since they all have activation requirements.

How much does the security deposit cost?

It depends. On the section of the server from where you are sending funds, the deposit fee will be shown.

I have paid the funds to my FJ account, but they have not yet been reflected in my accessible balance. Its status has not been confirmed?

From the point of view of the blockchain miners, the transaction must be confirmed before the funds can be added to the primary balance.

Is it possible to change the address where I deposit funds?

Yes, you can. You have the choice of making deposits using the same address each time, claiming a NEW address by clicking the corresponding button each time, or doing anything else. It is absolutely your decision. Remember that you won’t be able to claim a new one until you’ve utilized the deposit address you currently have.

I wish to make a deposit, but only certain currencies are accepted?

In addition to USD, EUR, and GBP, XDG, BTC, LTC, DASH, XDG, ETH, and ZEC may each require a different amount of confirmations from blockchain miners. -XDG, BTC, LTC, DASH, XDG, ETH, ZEC -each of these coins may necessitate a distinct transaction fee.

I have transferred Litecoin to a Bitcoin-accepting address (or any currency to a mismatched wallet). What action am I to take?

A transaction made to an erroneously inputted address will never reach its intended receiver. Since the withdrawal was sent to the wrong wallet, the wallet provider you used to send Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and other cryptocurrencies was forced to cancel it. When a consumer attempts to withdraw funds using one of the website’s allowed currencies, such as sending XDG to an LTC address, the system will instantly reverse the transaction. In such a situation, you must contact the organization that controls your money.

How many times must the transactions on the blockchain be confirmed before the money shows up on my balance?

To execute a transaction on the Bitcoin network, just one confirmation is required. Some are at least six and exceed that number.

What does “wager of deposit” mean?

The turnover, often known as the total number of wagers, must always match the initial investment. This method is known as gambling.

When will the deposit be processed?

It depends on the coin you have inserted into the slot. In addition, there are periods when block sizes are limited, meaning that only a certain number of transactions may be processed in a given period of time. This indicates that you must wait until the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain.

Why am I unable to withdraw? The button appears to be broken.

Before you can make a withdrawal, you must verify your account by clicking the verification link sent to the email address you used to sign up for the website.

What conditions must be met for a withdrawal to be processed?

Before making a withdrawal, you must turn over or wager the value of your deposit twice (twice on slots, casino games, and live games, or 50% of your deposit on sportsbook services), and the withdrawal amount must be at least $150 USD (equivalent in cryptocurrencies).

How much is the minimum amount that may be withdrawn?

$150 USD is the minimum amount that may be withdrawn (equivalent in cryptocurrencies).

Do you require any particular documentation for the withdrawal?

No, we do not.

Why is the processing of my withdrawal taking so long?

The withdrawal process at FortuneJack may often be finished in a second. On the other hand, there are times when information is submitted to a standard security check prior to our validation. This is not only for our own safety, but for yours as well. In the case of an issue, we shall contact you.

The letter of verification that I requested has not been received. What exactly is going on?

It should be in one of the following email categories: promotions, spam, or inbox (if email is in Gmail). Try clicking the SEND button if it does not work. You may also search for “FortuneJack” in your email, which could get the desired result. If nothing else works, do not hesitate to contact our customer service!

What are the fees associated with making a withdrawal?

FortuneJack will pay all fees associated with withdrawals! Is there any question that this neighborhood is the most desirable?

I am attempting withdrawals, but they are continually canceled. Could you provide an explanation?

Before making a withdrawal, the amount of your deposit must be gambled or turned over at least twice in Slots, Live Games, and Casino Games, or at least fifty percent of the deposit must be risked on sportsbook services. In such a circumstance, the system will automatically terminate the process.

FortuneJack Review Details

Withdrawal Limits

The only sort of online gamblers who aren't going to find a lot to like about this crypto casino are those that play online poker. Other than that, it's perfect for everyone else. Simply the quantity of the deposit bonuses combined with the enormous game variety ensures that FortuneJack Casino is well worth the investment of both your time and money.

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